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Are you breathing right?
Have you ever counted how many times you breathe in a minute? Breathing is the first act of life and it’s the last act of life. In between, the whole life we are breathing in and out, but not attending to the breath

Ninety percent of the impurities in the body go out through the breath because we are breathing twenty-four hours a day. The breath is our best friend -- it's always with us. And yet, we hardly know much about it. What's more ... it holds some timeless secrets to our health, peace of mind, and well-being.

This FREE workshop teaches simple yet powerful breathing techniques which help eliminate stress and cope in stressful situations.
The workshop includes:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Guided meditation
  • Interactive processes
  • Association with like minded people.
  • A brief introduction to Sudarshan Kriya - a technique taught in the Art of Living Course, which uses specific rhythms of breath to harmonize body, mind and spirit.

For more information, please contact (925) 321-5328
This workshop is brought to you by the Art of Living Foundation.

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