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What we’re about

This group was first started in Pisa, Italy in 2011 with great success at the famous SUNSET, then we expanded to BAZEEL, MAI.SOCIAL.MAISON, ARS CAFE - all in Pisa, and  IL CENTRO SPORTIVO di BELLARIA CAPPUCCINI - Pontadera (PI) . We met at various locations and we hung out speaking English. There was always one or more English Native speaker instructor present as well as many native English speakers from many different parts of the world.

To our surprise, about half of our members are foreigners which inadvertently created a very realistic situation that you would encounter if you travelled to any great city center in the UK, USA, SINGAPORE, AUSTRALIA, etc...

You can Meet interesting people from other tribes and have an opportunity to form meaningful friendships and new networks worldwide. WE (Ron) were/was then invited to become a DUOLINGO AMBASSADOR. Duolingo is the leading language APP in the world with more than 300 million subscribers. DUOLINGO asked us to become GLOBAL AMBASSADORS, because, in their opinion, the best way to master a language is to combine study with using the language regularly in a social context. We offer the 'regularly in a social' context, which is essential for fluency.
On July 28th, 2021 Duolingo went public with its stock originally listed at $139.01.

Duolingo currently has 40,635,919 outstanding shares. With Duolingo stock trading at $117.78 per share, the total value of Duolingo stock (market capitalization) is $4.79B. Duolingo stock was originally listed at a price of $139.01 in Jul 28, 2021.

Originally a grass roots organization sincerely providing a necessary service and a true community, the Wall Street move stripped DUOLINGO of the community vibe that built its worldwide appeal. They de-platformed us immediately - a sign that the free events were destined to die. They discontinued the free language events and we lost the source of 80% of our event attendees. We are now reorganizing and inventing our new business model.

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