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By the time the average American retires, 83% of their retirement will come from their home equity (vs about 17% from a 401K or other savings). However, not all current nor future homeowners are financial experts to properly manage this large and important financial asset.

Additionally, most consumers today believe they need 10-20% down to acquire what will most likely be the largest asset for their retirement (not the case), and this is single-handedly impeding their ability to build wealth using the power of appreciation combined with the compounding effects of time.

Our goal with this group is to empower you with the knowledge and tools you'll need to become an informed and effective asset manager for your home, and answer the most relevant questions around this important topic. Among different concepts we'll discuss during our in-person meetings:

• Is now the right time to refinance for our situation?

• Do we have enough equity to purchase a new home or possibly a second/vacation home or a rental property?

• Should I cash out equity to pay off other high interest debts?

• What if I cash out to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on my existing property to rent out or list on Airbnb?

• As a renter, is now the right time to buy?

• Understanding your true purchasing power with down payment assistance programs.

• How to run a “cost of waiting” analysis if you are on the fence about buying a home.

• How to accurately compare the true costs of buying one property over another.

• How to complete a “move-up” purchase using built-up home equity dollars, and keep your monthly payment the same or lower.

• Understanding the most important aspects of credit and how it can affect your ability to acquire what will most likely be the largest asset for your retirement.

• And much more…

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