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To Inclusivity and Beyond

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Ivanna G. and Alisha L.
To Inclusivity and Beyond


Building inclusive tech products is a conscious effort, not a coincidence. It is all about intentionality.

As Engineers, Designers and Product Managers, we all share the responsibility to make sure our end users are seen and thought of. But first, we need to understand what does it actually mean to build an inclusive product?

The first step is to acknowledge the responsibility in order to be able to hold each other accountable. As much as we’d like to deny it, unconscious bias exists and we still have a long way to go.

About the Meetup:
We’ll admit, it ain’t easy. Building products for all users is an ambitious aspiration and a never-ending path. We still have a long way to go until we see a true reflection of our society.

Diversity in product building is not only about gender but also race, neurodiversity, class, culture, disability and much more. It takes trial and error, and learning from mistakes but most importantly we must keep moving forward regardless of any setbacks or roadblocks.

We’re proud to partner with Just Eat to bring you our first Meetup of 2023 on the 31st of May!

Whether you’re a Product Manager, Software Engineer or Designer, our next Meetup is perfect for those working in product teams. Our expert panel will be discussing goals, wins, blindspots and challenges they are yet to overcome. If you’re looking for ways to push the envelope or find new ways to look at inclusivity and intersectionality, our next Meetup is perfect for you – even as a user.

Key topics:

  1. Who’s in?! Stakeholders, Allies and D&I champions or ERG groups. How Product, Design and Engineering work together. Everyone has an active impact and role to do and undo.
  2. Who’s Responsible? How do we make D&I part of all work done, rather than additional work?
  3. Who to prioritise? Going beyond accessibility. Ideation, research and testing and how it impacts the trajectory of your product. Keeping in mind diversity as across the spectrum instead of just a strand.
  4. Who cares? Building awareness, empathy and the business case for inclusive products, stats and wins.

Confirmed Speakers:
Damien Sengel – Senior Group Product Manager, Product Experience & Inclusivity at Just Eats
Kitty Giraudel – VP of Engineering at Cofenster
Rosa-Maria Chacon – Head of Product - D&I, Customer Experience at Zalando

See you there!

Photo of We Are Xena: Women In Tech, Berlin group
We Are Xena: Women In Tech, Berlin
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