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What we’re about

The democratization of AI is shaking up all paradigms. And accelerates the gap between those who know and those who know little or nothing.

I don't believe in elitism, especially in tech. Why don't you? After 7 years in digital, I managed to sign up Google Ateliers Numériques France as a client (and not the only one, but it's the one with a worldwide reputation - A program of Google), even though I didn't come from that world to begin with.

And as I've seen in my career, anyone who's willing to learn, apply and iterate can manage to improve their skills and even make a living out of it if they want to.

That's why I'm here, every Wednesday, to offer you the chance to discuss web topics together for 1h30.

As I created 2 groups, it's gonna be 2-2, 2 on this group about webmarketing, website creation, automatisation, social media... All about web. I will make a questionary to get your answers.

No prerequisites, everyone's welcome :)