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Let's discuss INP


You've probably heard about Interaction to Next Paint, the new Web Vitals metric proposed to replace FID. Now come see how to understand and optimize it! We'll do an overview of what INP is. Then we'll look into which interactions to debug, how to use tools to dig into them, show off some advanced techniques, and talk through examples.

Annie Sullivan (@anniesullie) is a software engineer on Chrome's Web Platform team. She is passionate about building a better performing web for users across the globe. Her tenure as a Googler spans 17 years, with experience on the toolbar, docs, web search, and chrome teams.
Annie currently leads performance metric development on Chrome. She lives in Michigan with her husband Doug and two sons, and enjoys tinkering with laser cutters, metal etching, and new cooking techniques.

Michal Mocny (@mmocny) works on Chrome (12 years!) and Web Performance, currently on Core Web Vitals and the new Interaction to Next Paint (INP) responsiveness metric. He spends a lot of time in developer tooling, performance tracing, understanding JS scheduling and rendering.

Etsy is hosting us again. And we will have some food and refreshments!
As always, we are going to have geekaways with geeky prizes provided by our sponsors.

6:30 - Arrive at Etsy, meet other members
6:45 - Event starts
7:00 - Digging into Interaction to Next Paint (Annie Sullivan and Michal Mocny)
8:00 - Q&A
8:15 - "Books and Stuff" geekaways
8:30 - Open Discussion, Networking

117 Prospect St
room P-660
Brooklyn, New York

Directions on Google Maps:
Entrance on StreetView:

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Our Sponsors:

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New York Web Performance Group
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