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[On-line] Meet for SPEED

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Sergey C. and 2 others
[On-line] Meet for SPEED


For time being we are going to do these as LIVE streams on our YouTube channel instead of meeting in person.

The price will also be right as we are making them FREE - you have to provide your own food though ;)

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified when we go live:

You will also see direct stream link for each event once you RSVP.


Join up for an opportunity to work together on optimizing our sites.

You can benefit even if you can't edit your site right now - we will be happy to share the knowledge. We'll all learn how to see what's slow and how to make it fast!

Here is what you can learn:

  • Identify optimization opportunities using WebPageTest.
  • Become a master in reading the network waterfall.
  • Understand the most of the performance flame chart.
  • Learn the latest trends in measuring site speed.
Photo of New York UX Speed and Web Performance Group group
New York UX Speed and Web Performance Group
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