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Beerfi Prague - Web3 on-chain dev Meetup #25

Photo of Ethan Clime
Hosted By
Ethan C. and Radek Š.
Beerfi Prague - Web3 on-chain dev Meetup #25


Once a month on the last Tuesday, we bring together contract programmers in Web3. Whether you are a Web2 developer interested to learn more or a senior in the Web3 sphere, our meetup is for you!

Enjoy a nice cold lager and get ready to blow your mind on what’s possible in blockchain.

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AgorApp provides an interactive coding environment to learn Web3 programming on different chains & protocols. Right now you can take courses & challenges to learn Solidity (Ethereum), Motoko (Internet Computer) Ethereum Swarm, NEAR & Lisk with more coming! You can check it out at:

Last meetup we focused on ZK witchcraft, Certora R&D and Ethereum scaling and blobscriptions.

Our upcoming meetup will be again hosted at Decada - a crypto-friendly cafe bar with an inviting atmosphere and friendly staff. Decada's commitment to innovation makes it the perfect venue for gathering like-minded developers. They are happy to invite us to join them for an evening of fresh perspectives, vibrant discussions, and good company at Decada.


  1. Introduction Radek & Ethan - 15 minutes
  2. Dipesh / BuildBear: Semi-private testing with BuildBear Phoenix engine
  3. Radek Svarz: Adjusted xERC20 (embedded Lockbox and DoS improvement)
  4. Campfire: ETHPrague ideation hackathon
  5. Lightning talks. - 5 minutes each

Have something to share like a project or protocol in Web3? You get the floor for 5 minutes. Please signup here:

The meetup is focused on contract development. Very tech stuff - down to the byte code. Not frontends and JS Frameworks - there are other meetups for those.

Example topics will be comparison of proxies, their gas, size, ect. Other talks will be about cross chain / layer calls, blind signing, security, clever hacks, and more. Regarding contracts level - any smart contracts, i.e. not limited to EVM based.

Have questions or want to share something cool with us? Join our community group on Telegram to get updates or to share knowledge:

We look forward to seeing you all Tuesday, May 28th!

Photo of BeerFi Prague - Web3 on-chain dev Meetup Group group
BeerFi Prague - Web3 on-chain dev Meetup Group
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