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What we’re about

Web3 Family is a Barcelona based grassroots crypto community. We do:
1/ Educational events: talks, debates and workshops.
2/ Social events: public and private dinners.
3/ Web3 Family

Watch some of our past events on YouTube.

Vanity Metrics: in our first 10 months alone we run 24 events and reached 1000+ meetup members. This makes us the in-person crypto community with the most activity and fastest growth — in Catalunya and Spain.

Why: in-person events are amazing moments for anyone to learn, share and make valuable friendships.

Topics: we cover web3 as a whole. This includes L1s, L2s, DAOs, DeFi, Bridges, NFTs, Bitcoin, ETH2, Shitcoins, Tokenomics, Interchain Compatibility, Governance, Security, Crashes, Analytics Platforms, Regulation, UX, Art, Mass Adoption — we are blockchain agnostic.

Curation: speakers are carefully selected to make sure the quality is high.

Audience: +80% of our community members are web3 professionals: developers, engineers, scientists, onchain analysts, founders, angels, VC partners, marketers, biz devs, comms magicians, community builders and more. The rest are people passionate about web3, often keen to start a professional career in the crypto industry.

50+ Speakers of Industry Leading Projects: Ethereum Foundation, Solana Foundation, Polygon Labs, AllinBits/Tendermint, GnosisDAO, Secret Network, NYM, deBridge, Li.Fi, CowSwap, Lido, Miga Labs, ETH Magicians, Galxe, RMRK, MakerDAO, Blockdaemon, Open Collective, BuildSpace, LedgerPrime, karpatkey, Outlier Ventures,, Anagolay Network, Gelato Network,, Mintter, Origin Protocol, mStable, MELD, Deloitte, Lemonade, Openfort, NeonEVM, Moonbeam, TheBadge and more.

Special thanks to our hosts Akasha Hub, Epitech, Aticco Coworking, 42 Barcelona, Le Wagon and Cahoot Coworking.

Special thanks to past supporters Ethereum Foundation and Ledger.

Special thanks to all the speakers: Daniel Lumi, Riccardo of Outlier Ventures, Robbie Kruszynski of Blockdaemon, Pia Mancini of Open Collective, Mário Havel of Ethereum Foundation, Leonardo Bautista-Gomez of, Max TheAnon, Julian Nesk of Karpatkey, Skrillah of Secret Network, Tadeo of MakerDAO's Data Insights, Paul TheAnon, Alexandre Poltorak of, Anett Rolikova of and ETH Magicians, Tair Assimov of BuildSpace, Elena Tairova of Anagolay Network and many more.

Anecdote: in January 2023 The New York Times wrote about Web3 Family.

Enquiries: reach out to Adrien.


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