What we're about

This group is for individuals who wants to make money from the Internet. If you tried it, or are about to launch your venture, this knowledge can make the difference between success and failure.

If I sold millions of dollars of floral products in the real physical world, the Internet changed the game for the flower industry as well as the whole world.

In 2009 I learned a scientific process, Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme, and I estimate selling over two millions dollars of products from the Internet. (3 websites) and tens of thousands more from selling my knowledge in SEO and website building.

My flower website story: Flower Arrangement Ideas (http://www.flower-arrangement-ideas.com/)

My teaching website: I Teach Ebiz (http://iteachebiz.com/)

Success on the web does not happen by chance, and you need a "Blueprint" before you build your "Castle"

Launching this group is a way to pay back my mentor who developed it, Ken Evoy.

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