Meetup 1.2 @Code Fellows


Welcome to all Web Components' enthusiasts!

There is a lot of controversy around Web Components, whether to use them or not, and whether they make the lives of Front End Developers easier or harder. Only as a community can we help answer these questions and provide guidance for others.

Code Fellows Seattle Campus

6:30 - meet and mingle (snacks)

7:00 - Dale Sande; Sr. Design Technologist at Alaska Airlines

Building the next generation of Enterprise Design systems requires a next-generation tool. HTML Custom Elements is breaking down barriers and opening doors of opportunities for teams looking to build a consistent UI library while supporting multiple teams developing applications in multiple stacks.

Dale will take this opportunity to speak about how he and other designers and developers are working together at Alaska Airlines to build their design system using stateless web components that can be leveraged by every team across the org.

7:45 - Q/A | break

8:00 - Dale Sande; Sr. Design Technologist at Alaska Airlines

Hands-on workshop including all the material covered in the presentation. The goal of this workshop is to leave with a basic understanding of how to build and use an HTML Custom Element leveraging both LitElement and lit-HTML.

9:00 - Post-event chatter, the closing of the event

If you are interested in speaking at a future Web Components' enthusiasts event, please reach out! Event hosts will be on hand to discuss details.