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Content Strategy for Responsive Websites

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EVENT FULL - Few Volunteer Spaces
The event is full. We are already standing-room only so there won't be a waitlist. However, we have a few volunteer spots available. Send a message to the organizer (Jasmine Sante) with your full name, availability, etc for more information.

Responsive design seems to be the hottest thing in the web design world these days, but most of the talk has focused on the design and technical aspects. However, responsive design isn't only about visual design or the behind-the-scenes HTML and CSS. Content strategy is an important part of creating a responsive website.

As a responsive site adapts to various screen sizes, content needs to be able to adapt as well. Content priority and context of use should be carefully considered so that users on devices with smaller screens can get to the most important content easily, and so that all users can find the information they need.

Responsive design isn't simply a change in technology. It's a change in the way users experience websites, and it also requires us to change the way we create websites. Content is no longer the last step of a process, to be filled in on a completed design. Instead, content must be a primary component of overall web strategy from day one, as part of a design process that includes collaboration between designers, developers, content strategists, and other members of the web team.

This Meetup will give you an overview of what responsive design is, and what you need to know as a content manager when you work with responsive websites. No technical knowledge required.

Clarissa Peterson is a freelance web/UX designer & developer. Before setting off on her own, she spent 10 years managing websites at various nonprofits in DC. She’s now working from the road while on an indefinite roadtrip (16 states and 2 provinces so far). Clarissa is currently writing a book on responsive design for O’Reilly, scheduled to be published in mid-2013. You can find her online at ( and @clarissa.

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