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WebElement Bratislava
WebElement Bratislava
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Kafe Nervosa

Zámocká 30 · Bratislava

How to find us

From Zochova (bus stop) continue towards to castle, alongside Ibis hotel. After few meters you'll see Kafe Nervosa bar & restaurant.

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After short break, there's another WebElement event in Bratislava!


Viliam Elischer (https://twitter.com/vireliam) - R^3 aka Benefits of RxJS in a React/Redux application


During the previous couple of months active developers could have noticed that React and Redux became a so called gold standard for modern web application development.

Having those two "key" technologies mastered should automatically lead to success, right? Not really and many experienced devs are still struggling because an important piece of the architecture puzzle was undefined.

Neither React nor Redux are aiming the problem of (side) Effects - it's because Effects e.g. API calls aren't the concern of render logic or state managers / reducers. I'll try to explain why and how the concept of Observable streams / RxJS can be leveraged to manage the complexity of Effects in an React/Redux application - therefore it'll be a R^3 powered talk.

Martin Hochel (https://twitter.com/martin_hotell) - Angular 1 with ngMetadata


Angular 1 is dead, right? Long live Angular 2. Well, Not entirely! There are thousands of apps written in old good Angular 1. Also Angular 2 ecosystem is very small, because stable version was released 2 months ago. For sure you wanna migrate to Angular 2 or be prepared when the right time comes right? Typescript and es2015 will push you forward but not entirely, Angular 1 is still awkward to use with those "new" standards. Don't you worry, there is a solution and yes it has a name! ngMetadata


Feel free to join us (also with your friends)!

As always, we'll continue with beer-talking after meetup. :)

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