Magento MeetUp - New Delhi, India

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Magento Meet Up, New Delhi is beneficial for both Magento Developers and Merchants .

Special focus will be on Magento2 , latest design Patterns in Magento2 & best practices.

Mobile commerce or mCommerce will be the part of talk as well with latest API Integration & Multi Channel Integration. This event will have various talks including -

Talk One - Magento Server Optimisation and Best Practices


This talk will include Magento server architecture & optimisation with S3, NGINX, varnish etc. and code best practices including code profiling with

Talk Two - Magento Multi Channel Integration


Magento Multi channel Integration and how it can benefit Magento merchants .

Talk Three - Magento2 UI Component and usage


Magento2 comes with UI component which is super useful for creating UI elements . In this talk we will discuss Magento2 UI component in detail.

Talk Four - Magento2 Code generation


Magento2 Now comes with a new concept of code generation . We will discuss in details about why code generation is important and useful .

Talk Five - Magento2 Plugins


Plugins are super useful and new concept in magento2 . We will explore the usage of magent2 plugins in this talk .

Talk Six - Magento Web Services/ API


API’s are the must have feature for any platform and as commerce is roaring it is vital to have a robust API . We will discuss in details about the best practices and usage .

Talk Seven - Magento2 console command ( Symfony2 component used )


Magento2 now comes with various symfony bundles including console bundle . We will discuss about Magento2 console bundle and its usage .

Talk Eight - Google AMP ( Accelerated mobile pages )


We will explore the concept of AMP and Facebook Instant article publishing in this talk and advantages of having AMP pages in commerce .

Talk Nine - A/B Testing in Commerce & Design


A/B testing is useful concept to increase sales conversion . We will discuss in details about A/B testing , call of actions and many useful Design concept .

Talk Ten - Virtual Reality ( VR ) and Commerce


With billions of dollars invested, VR is poised to be the next big computing platform after mobile. Experience what the future of vr and e-commerce would look like in this talk.

If you are willing to present your expertise and knowledge as a speaker, Please contact us