Symfony India Meetup 2018

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Webkul Software

A 67, Sector 63 · Noida

How to find us

Reach Fortis Hospital at Noida Sector 62. Move towards Fortis Square at Noida Sector 63. Destination will be on the left.

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Kindly fill out this form for your final confirmation at Symfony India Meetup 2018. Make sure to fill out this form or else entry will be prohibited.

This is the very first Symfony India Meetup 2018!!! All are welcome.

Yes, it's absolutely FREE for ALL!!! Check out the event here:

Developers from various PHP frameworks, business enthusiasts, eCommerce merchants and startups are welcome to attend this meetup.

Meet other developers using Symfony near you! Exchange ideas and talk about code, architecture, innovation, and this world-class PHP framework. Anyone developing using Symfony or with any other PHP framework is welcome!

Symfony Frameworks and it's components have now become the defacto standard of writing any business application in PHP. We at Webkul love the Symfony framework and have delivered world-class application. Webkul works on Symfony under following service categories:

Discuss on latest trends in eCommerce ecosystem, tactics to improve your product management capabilities and how to write efficient code for your eCommerce application.

For this first meetup, we will have the below talks focused on Symfony as a framework and it's cutting-edge benefits to eCommerce (as proposed till now):


==> Where PHP community is heading?
==> Introduction to Symfony, Why Symfony
==> Using Symfony to overcome eCommerce challenges
==> How does Symfony help businesses that aren't entirely web oriented?

Building Platforms in Symfony

==> Appointment Scheduling Software [Booking Commerce]
==> Building Integrations [Akeneo PIM Connectors]
==> Customer Support [UVDesk Helpdesk]
==> Building CRM [OroCRM]
==> eCommerce Framework [Sylius]

Migration from Symfony 3 to Symfony 4

==> Micro-service vs Monolithic
==> Unit Testing
==> Async Operation

How does Symfony application fair under heavy load usage expected of an eCommerce service?

==> Performance Optimization with

How flexible can a Symfony application be when it comes to integrating with other tools?

==> Integrations [Node (Socket), JS (PWA, Native), Analytics (Kibana, etc...), Flex (Automated package configs.)]

=> Business usage of PIM in the eCommerce ecosystem
=> Quiz on basic PHP and eCommerce.

In addition to the talks, we will also discuss the path forward for this meetup, its focus and purpose, and how we can grow.

Plus, there will be pizza and drinks included!

Have a talk idea you'd like to hear? Perhaps you'd like to present it yourself? Submit it here =>