Symfony India Meetup 2020

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Hello Symfonians!!

Symfony MeetUp is back!! It's time to meet again!!

Webkul is proud to announce the second edition Symfony India Meetup 2020.

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The Symfony Meetup India 2020 will focus on Symfony and eCommerce community willing to learn the latest Symfony and it’s bundles, development of web applications and related latest technologies.

All attendees will be able to meet with other intuitive developers from various PHP frameworks, business enthusiasts, startups and eCommerce merchants using Symfony near you!

Event Highlights:

1. Symfony 5 components
==>> Zoom on the new Symfony 5 components

2. Symfony Cache Component
==>> Speed-up your application with a new component of cache(APCU, DOCTRINE, FILESYSTEM, MEMCACHE, REDIS, etc)

3. API platform
==>> Easily build fully-featured hypermedia or GraphQL API in minutes?

4. Use of Redis pub-sub with Symfony framework
==>> Use of redis pub-sub instead of cron job to minimize unnecessary load on site

5. Why Redis Enterprise and it's advantage.

6. Dependency Injection
==>> What is dependency Injection(DI)? Why you should use dependency Injection? Pros and Cons of dependency Injection.

7. Symfony Bundles
==>> Organize your own application code using bundles in Symfony

In 2018, We met and share our collectible experiences and also exchange knowledge of desired Symfony platform. Check out the previous glimpse of Symfony India Meetup 2018 , backed by our amazing sponsors and eminent speakers organized by the enthusiastic team of Webkul.

In addition to the talks, we’ll run the QnA session. During the session, all attendees get the chance to grab the exciting goodies, swag, stickers, and T-shirts.

Also, gonna enjoy the slice of Pizza with drinks.

Mark the date and join this 2nd edition Symfony India meetup, check our official page for more information: