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If you are a women who is tired of being overweight, yo-yo dieting and being self-conscious, this is the group for YOU! If you suffer from back pain or knee pain and it prevents you from doing things in life that matter to you, this is the group for YOU!
My name is Diane Daniels and I am the Host of the "Weight Loss Nation™ Podcast." Four years ago, I lost 60 pounds, and I kept it off by Eating REAL Food, Doing Physical Activity I enjoy doing and learning how to have a Positive Mindset. I LOVED myself and I loved LIFE!

Then....in January of 2020.. COVID 19 hit!

I was dealing with my Dad, who was dying at the time, and I didn't know if I was going to contract COVID and die too! Suddenly....... nothing I did eased my anxiety. I was frightened and my mind started racing and telling me that I "needed" pizza! I ate the pizza, and suddenly....... that all too familiar "feeling" of satisfaction came over me. I started eating my other "trigger" foods to console myself. Within 8 months, I gained back the 60 pounds I had lost four years ago. I felt devastated! I HATED myself! I felt like I FAILED You! I stopped the podcast. I stopped living a healthy lifestyle. I was depressed and I felt guilty! I couldn't get back on track. Then..... Thanksgiving of 2020 came and went. I started putting up my Christmas tree and decorations. I thanked God for keeping me safe and free from COVID. I realized I hadn't spoken to God in a long...long time. I felt like I didn't deserve it, but .... I asked God to help me get back on track with my healthy lifestyle. And........ God answered me! Not literally! I felt something deep in my stomach. I felt that I should start-up the Weight Loss Nation podcast again.

So.... I am!

I am eating "Real" Food again. I'm moving my body by walking and ...... I'm taking time to talk to God again.

It's working! I'm on track and I want to help YOU get back on track too!

Come to our ONLINE Meet Up and Learn How do Lose Weight & Keep it off! My mission is to help over 100,000 people in the Tampa Bay area, lose weight and LIVE a Long-Term Healthy Lifestyle!

My co-host Bernadette Desmond, is a licensed Counselor, who lives in New South Wales, Australia. Bernadette specializes in helping people that have suffered trauma, and/or are "emotional" eaters.

Guess what? That's me! Maybe it's YOU too!

Together, Bernadette and I will be educating you on how to lose weight, by eating "real" food, moving your body the way YOU want to and how to put God back into your life.

Eating real food, moving your body and just speaking to God will help you live a "balanced life."

Join us and let's LIVE HEALTHY together!

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