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WELCOME Womens Virtual Support Circle

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WELCOME Womens Virtual Support Circle


What is the event about?

Join us for our monthly WELCOME Women's social, emotional support and networking event. At which each Woman attending will have a chance to introduce herself and share her experience of being a mid 30's to middle aged Woman without biological children by choice or circumstance, and or her alternate experiences to biological Motherhood as a carer or nurturer of other kinds, in the company of a friendly, supportive circle of Women. And talk resources to help you thrive in life purpose, leadership, legacy, love and life,

Our discussion topic for this month's gathering:

Contraceptives and Contentment in Peri-Menopause

There’s a bit of a topic that we tend to speak about on exercise walks with close girlfriends, or after a couple of wines of an evening, that I reckon we need to throw open the closet door on and create a safe space to talk about. And that’s the stress associated with the potential for pregnancy that still exists for some childless, childfree, step parent/fill in parent/carer/guardian identifying Women in peri-menopause…..and how do we deal with and manage that? That’s what we’re talking about at this month's event.

We shall then share some lunch and a little more social chit chat to get to know each other a little better.

As this event will be virtual via Zoom, you can be anywhere in the world to attend, so long as it's compatible with your timezone. (feel free to message and ask me if you're in any doubt.)

You will need:
a laptop or phone
reliable internet connection
earphones/headphones and or microphone
a notebook and or pen
something yummy to eat or drink (optional)

Online link provided upon registration and payment.

Note: future event descriptions will be updated with guest Speakers/Facilitator and discussion topics as we book them.

If you're interested in being a Guest Speaker/Facilitator at one of our upcoming events, please register your interest here:

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Nat Ferrier
M +61 427 449 005

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

WELCOME Womens Social and Support group
WELCOME Womens Social and Support group
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