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Bard's Night

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Mary W.
Bard's Night


Join us every 3rd Friday at Thanes Table for our Bard's night! Kick off is March 17th! This is your oppourtunity to share your art whatever that may be, come sing a song, read poetry, do some stand up, bring your improv group, practice a monologue for that next audition, share your favorite DnD character or story. The mic is yours and anything you want to share is welcome!

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Welcome traveler, to Thane’s Table, your local gaming tavern. Thane’s Table features private themed gaming suites, immersive settings, and several games to choose from. Try out a pre-opened tabletop game, or buy a new one! Don't forget to take advantage of our themed food and drinks.

### We serve spirits and food, but most of all, experiences.

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Wellspring Performing Arts Collaborators
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