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What we’re about

This is the Basingstoke Coffee and Chat Meetup group for club and Meetup organisers and group members in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas. 

Basingstoke Cafe Meetup is a joint initiative between the Basingstoke Cafe Scientifique, Basingstoke Friends, Basingstoke Makerspace and the Basingstoke Transition Town Sustainability Group. The Cafe Meetup aims to create greater group engagement in the local community to improve and elevate the resulting experiences and create new learning opportunities.  We also want to help you both as a club or Meetup organiser and as an event participant. We aim to help you mix with the members of the broader community of  Meetup groups and clubs in the Basingstoke and Central Hampshire area. 

We know that great Meetups require care and attention, so we’re here to help you learn about what works best for you and to share events and experiences with the members of other groups. 

As a member of the Cafe Meetup group, you’ll learn how to:

• Be part of a Meetup group of passionate members that feels like a family

• Organise your own Meetups where members show up and thrive

• Connect and exchange activities with other local organisers and members, just like you

This Meetup is powered by local volunteers who are passionate about creating more human connections. If you want to join our leadership team, suggest a Meetup event, or host your own, please contact any of the Cafe Meetup Leadership Team.

This is a community space for all Meetup organisers and members. All online and offline behaviour deemed as inappropriate will be moderated by your local Organisers and Meetup HQ.

So what do the founding groups bring to this initiative:

• Basingstoke Cafe Scientifique - Public Science and Technology based talks and events open to all

 Basingstoke Friends - Up to £5M Public Liability Insurance for shared events organised by full members

• Basingstoke Makerspace - A large and friendly meeting and making space in their town centre building

 Basingstoke Transition Town - Repair Cafe, Climate Change and Sustainability based talks and activities

You will soon be able to find out more about the Basingstoke Cafe Meetup and all the groups participating in this initiative on our web site at the address below:        (To be launched soon ...)

SUPPORT Please use the "email me" feature on the site to contact me with any questions you might have. Otherwise, I hope to see you at an upcoming event!


Bob Clifford
Basingstoke Cafe Meetup Co-Organizer