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We are a Social Group for Young Professionals in and around Westchester County. Join us to meet new, fun, down to earth, educated 20-somethings and 30-somethings without having to take the train into NYC. We hope to have a variety of social events and activities around the area to give everyone a chance to meet some new people and have fun. Suggestions for events are encouraged!

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Let's go on a picnic!

Matthiessen Park

Let’s go on a Picnic and mark the end of Summer! The view on the Hudson in Irvington is amazing, with a gentle breeze as the grill sizzles. *September 14th will be the rain date* If any one wants to bring anything(such as side dishes or dessert), please post it up. Other things like some games we could setup there, like badminton or a board game with table so we don't take precious table space for the food. This is a DRY park! So no alcohol. After the picnic we can hit up some bars in Tarrytown. Here is the list of things I Am Supplying: Beverages 3 gallons of water Liters of flavored seltzer Various 16oz juices ( I.E. Bai-5) Ice filled cooler Ice for beverages Utensils Napkins Forks/knives Grilling spatula & tongs Cups Charcoal for grill Lighter fluid Trash bags Organic Condiments Ketchup Mayo Mustard Tiny Salt & Pepper packets Snacks Various Kettle brand potato chips Salt & Lime tortilla chips Meat(s) & Non-Meat Sirloin burgers 90/10 Various Chicken sausages Chorizo Organic uncured hotdogs · If I get enough interest I would bring a pack of chicken hotdogs and/or turkey hotdogs Beyond Meat Beyond Burgers for anyone Vegetarian *please arrive sooner because I will cook these first then the Meats on the grill* Buns [ I got buns :^) ] Potato hotdog buns Brioche burger buns Sliced Cheeses with no animal rennet Pepper jack cheese Gouda cheese White American cheese I will be bringing my portable grill on wheels but: *_~ I need a volunteer to help me cook and anyone with another grill on wheels to bring out will help things moving along ~_* I will be arriving At 1:30 so I can drop off the goods up front, I'll need some help moving it all out my truck if anyone happens to be early. Hopefully we can get another double picnic table in the shade like last year. I highly suggest bringing your own folding chair and/or blanket to relax after you gorge.

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Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us

Area 51 Alien Center

We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry. If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Let's see them aliens. Heads up: we’ll also need vape lords in the group to create a smokescreen to block out satellite and camera images. Please RSVP if you’re about that vape life.

You Decide!

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Open forum for discussion. I'd like to hear what you'd like for me to host! Or for me to help you host! Please comment your grandest ideas or strongest desires. There are no constraints or limits to what you share. I will run whatever the majority wants to do, or at least try my best. This is not limited to date and time. So hit me with what you got! I'll be looking forward to hearing what YOU want to do. Jonathan

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Escape Room @ Trap't!

Murphy's Townhouse Cafe

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