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The first ever Westerville Web Lightning Series.
6 speakers, are you crazy? Yes...yes we are.

This event is generously sponsored by https://improving.com/ <3

6pm: Food & Hangout & Networking

6:30pm: Steve Bilogan⚡Introduction to Uno
Learn how the Uno Platform and how it was recently used to bring the official Microsoft UWP Calculator app to the web! https://platform.uno/

6:35pm: Bryan Vogel⚡Between Two Screens
A (fast) guide to designing thoughtful interactions.

6:40pm: Drew Keller⚡Don't Gawk, It's Only Awk!
CLI Tips & Tricks

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7:15pm: Aram Kovach⚡Blockchain Disruption is Coming and Why You Should Care

7:20pm: Sarah Gliniecki⚡Feeling Looney? Make a Balloon-y
A demonstration on making various balloon animals and weaponry.

7:25pm: Kevin McCartney⚡How to Git 'Er Done With Branches
Learn why Git branching strategies are important for helping teams deliver software quickly & reliably, as well as a high-level overview of a few popular branching strategies.

Afterparty? TBD, check back here for updates!

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