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Counsel Academy: Envisioning complete education

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Nivedita L.


This is Nivedita, the owner of Counsel Academy located in Weston CT. We are an online educational organization that prioritizes complete education in the students of today. We define complete education by formally pursuing both academic and soft skills education, customized as per the needs of the student(s).

In this meet and greet, I'd love to meet parents, educators, business-owners with passion to opine on and address the challenges in our education system, and brainstorm about what needs to be done.
1. Introduction of each guest, getting to know each other
2. Individual opinion on the gaps in education system, what they experience in their children's journey (academic side)
3. Individual opinion on the gaps in education of soft skills; expectation of desirable soft skills training in kids
4. How we can help in bridging these gaps

Photo of Envisioning complete education group
Envisioning complete education
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