What we're about

It didn’t work out the way you thought it would.

Whether it's your career, an important relationship, a missed opportunity, or your health, it has left you feeling not like who you were before but not quite ready for something new.

Maybe you are contemplating re-entering the workforce or leaving your 9-5 to go out on your own,

Maybe you are still thinking about that opportunity that you didn’t take and you want to be ready to catch the next one

Maybe you still feel blind-sided by a status change in your relationship. Or you were the one who finally decided to call it quits and wonder how to move forward on your own.

Maybe you are in remission and told by your doctors that your life could go back to “normal” but you aren’t even sure what that looks like anymore.

If you are in a place of transition and change, whether by choice or by circumstance, this group is for you!

What if there was a way to support your emotional health that could lead you to having more joy right now?

What if you could write a new story for yourself filled with new possibilities for what to go towards next?

Will you join us? I double-dog-dare you!

Our meetings will be online from the comfort of wherever you are. Be ready for an inspiring and engaging time together!

I respectfully ask that you honor the following agreements for participation:

Attendance: Please be prepared to be present from the beginning to the end.

Be Stationary: Please be prepared to participate from a stationary spot.

Full Engagement: Please have both your video and audio on to enable the best experience for everyone.

Full Presence: Please eliminate notifications, distractions, or anything that will take your attention from the experience.

I am beyond excited to get to know you and look forward to connecting!

Love, Kimberlea

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What is the flavor of this group?

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What is the flavor of this group?

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