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Code Your Own HTML Fireworks

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epicmodder180 and Steven
Code Your Own HTML Fireworks


Welcome to our explosive 4th of July meetup, where we'll be celebrating America's independence (and its 247th birthday) in the most tech-savvy way possible by creating fireworks in HTML!

Get ready to code your way to freedom as we explore the wonderful world of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create dazzling displays of red, white, and blue. Don't forget to eat a cheeseburger while you're at it. And who needs real fireworks when you can have an array of divs exploding on your screen?

Also, yes, it is on July 3rd, because we know you're going out to see fireworks on the day of.

We will implement this in JavaScript using CodePad, our powerful online coding platform. This event is perfect for anyone who is interested in coding and want to learn how to make their own interactive games. You don't need to have any knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, although it will be beneficial.

You will need access to a computer, Chromebook or iPad with a keyboard. This is an online event only so when you sign up, you will be given a Zoom link. The event will be recorded so by attending, you are agreeing to this action.

We hope that this event will be a blast!

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