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WICCA is a circle of women in cybersecurity based in The Netherlands with a vision to spread the infosec word to everyone.

Our goal is to bring infosec ladies and female security enthusiasts together to learn about exploits, hacking, incident response, forensics, the low-level stuff, and especially make bad crypto jokes! We want to build a community of badass women in the Netherlands and hopefully inspire future generations to join keyboards and get the hacking started!

We meet monthly in Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam, and more, sometimes even abroad! Are you a woman working or interested in computer security? Then by all means, do sign up!

WICCA is an entirely volunteer-driven community and all our meetups are free.

Meetups are usually women-only, but as we want to spread knowledge everywhere, we have many mixed events. The main idea is for it to be a community where everyone is at ease and feels welcome. We want to create a strong circle of women, but we are not an exclusive circle. WICCA is basically a group of badass hacker ladies where everyone is welcome to learn from and with us!

In our group, we look at the positive results of the many initiatives to increase diversity in the infosec community and in the tech world in general. We focus on good work, good research, and strong efforts that makes our community thrive. We do not let negative thoughts and endless debates take too much time away from us. We goof together, we laugh together, and we hack together!

$ who
> Valentine
As a Security Manager at GitLab, her work consists of putting out cyber fires, threat hunting, and making pretty graphs. Besides computers, she’s a fiction writer who likes Star Wars, heavy metal, and useless things like stickers and D&D.

> Chantal
Head of Researchers at Zerocopter. She takes care of one of the most important aspects of Zerocopter’s services: the community of researchers. Started in marketing, hacking her way up.

> Faith
As a Strategic Threat Hunt Manager at IBM, she is primarily focused on cyber defence and tracking down advanced threats and threat actors. Besides work and volunteering, she enjoys running, reading and travelling.

Support us
We make some costs to organise WICCA events. We pay for Meetup, hosting, mail, a video conferencing platform, etc. Every little bit helps and you can make it possible for us to continue organising our events with pleasure.

If you enjoy coming to our events and would like to buy a Club Mate without any glances, you can consider helping us. Please don’t give us anything if you can’t miss it with ease.

As far as we are concerned, WICCA will always be free to attend and your presence is very valuable to us. If you want to support us in increasing our quality and quantity and you think that our events are worth a Euro, we would like to get it from you.

Support us with a donation via PayPal:
For companies that want to donate: please contact us here.

Upcoming events (1)

WICCA Summerschool 2023 - DevSecOps Fundamentals

Bolderweg 2

We are super happy and proud to announce that Summer School 2023 is on! Thanks to our lovely WICCAN Tess at Unixerius we will teach you all the DevSecOps Fundamentals.

The perfect opportunity to learn something new!

DevSecops is an evolution of DevOps, by including more and more security into the process. You may have heard the term "shift-left security" in many marketing materials. We're going to help you understand what that means!

Practical information

Unixerius are sponsoring this WICCA Summer School training; it is free to attend.

The training takes place:

  • Monday July 24th, through Friday July the 28th.
  • Five days, from 09:00-16:00.
  • At MAC3Park in Almere Buiten (travel information here).
  • You need to attend the entire training in person.


A maximum of fifteen (15) participants can be accommodated. Registrations are handled via this Meetup page.

When registering we will ask you to let us know why you want to do this training so we can make sure we give the right people the chance to do this training. If we think we need more information, have questions or think this might not be the right training for you we will contact you to clarify (check your Meetup messages every now and then).

We can let 15 participants register now, but not everyone might be able to attend or might be suited for the training so we will open a waitlist as well. If someone drops out the first on the waitlist will get that spot, so please also answer the questions if you end up on the waitlist.

In order to get the fullest experience in this class, students will need the following prior knowledge:

  • At least one year of working with Linux and Windows server operating systems.
  • Fundamental conceptual knowledge of computer networks: TCP/IP, DNS, firewalls, load balancers.
  • At least one year of experience with a scripting language, like Bash or Powershell.

Ideally, students will have a conceptual understanding of common software vulnerabilities as described in the OWASP Top 10. This is not a hard requirement, but it will absolutely help in understanding the goal of DevSecOps.

Programming experience is not needed. We will work with a demo project in Angular/NodeJS, but we will not be working on the actual source code.

To participate in this class, students need a laptop of their own.

  • With Windows 10/11, Linux, or MacOS.
  • With a recent i5/i7/i9 or AMD Ryzen2 processor
  • With at least 8GB of RAM.
  • With at least 60GB of available storage space.
  • Virtualbox 6.1.x and Vagrant pre-installed.

Unfortunately we do not have lab setup which is compatible with Apple ARM.

Students will be provided with a Vagrantfile, to build the lab VM before class.

More info
On this page you can find all the information about this training: https://kedalion.nl/dso-wicca.html

And we are looking for another sponsor, so we can provide a catered lunch! So if you can or know someone that is willing to sponsor; let us know!

This page will be updated if needed.

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