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We are a local Zürich community of entrepreneurs, investors, enablers, supporter, university instructors, helping each other to build your own business, create traction, get funding, grow, and build a big company. Your effort will eventually become a key contribution to the prosperity of your company. This is why more and more people join and help make it happen: equal and sustainable prosperity in all countries! We are part of the global .

The World Innovations Forum is a global exchange for innovative minds. A place, where entrepreneurs, investors, enabler, and governments meet. We are maintaining a Silicon Valley Style Culture & Mindset across the globe. We are advising entrepreneurs to successfully compete on global markets. Our Vision: Igniting self propelled economies through innovation and entrepreneurship in any country.

New members: make sure you have a real photo of yours, your real name and profile info, so that we all get to know you. If you feel we should not know, we feel you should not join.

As a non profit organization we are always looking out for volunteers who share our dreams to close the gap between rich and poor countries. https://wiforum.org/join/volunteer/

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San Francisco, Zurich, Berlin, München, London, Singapore, Kathmandu, Tokyo, Seoul, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Sarajevo

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Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Peru

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