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This event is for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs (corp. innovation labs), investors and innovation enablers. The topic of the night is about how a group of entrepreneurs and investors from around the world are going to build a digital innovation community that can be permanently connected and start doing business on a global scale already as startups.

The Society3 founders are on tour to share the vision with smart and agile entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. In their words: "We want to create a 'meta culture' of innovative minds. We commit to share experience, know how and challenges and learn from each other. We are taking the Silicon Valley culture to an all new level. Our playing field is the world and no longer a valley. We envision a world where prosperity is available to all countries by accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship locally".

In June, we are kicking off the global network at the World Innovations Forum 2018 in Zurich, Switzerland.

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