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What we’re about

Meet with people who like wilderness adventures - backpacking, canoeing, and kayaking for weekends or extended trips with ONLY primitive camping. First and foremost, only join this group if you can take what nature has to offer and deal with it, physically and mentally. This group is for the EXPERIENCED adventurist with survival skills and equipment, for those who want to experience real thrills, not virtual ones.

Our trips are geared towards enjoyment of the natural surroundings and not a race to finish and check another one off your list. However, events scheduled by this group are not for those faint of heart or in need of creature comforts. Drama and negative attitudes have no usefulness in the backcounty. You must be able to work within the group dynamics and not act as a random collection of individuals. We spend extended time together and camaraderie is the key to safety and enjoyment for everyone.

If you have made it this far through the description, I can let you know that we are actually a really laid back and tolerant group of tree huggers who like wandering in the wilderness.