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What we’re about

After years of being a step-mum, and not really knowing who I can talk to, who will understand, and what the hell I was supposed to be doing... I have created a group to find like-minded others.

This group is simply for step-parents (new or veterans) who would benefit from meeting others who truly understand the challenges of what it's like to be thrown into parenting someone else's children.

There are, I think, certain stigmas attached to us step-parents that I would like to squash, and although there are LOTS of us around it's seems we are rarely acknowledged, understood or appreciated. So let's do it for ourselves. :)

I want this group to feel supportive, and positive. I can totally understand how easy it is to get caught in the negative "bitching" spiral when it comes to blended families, so please try to come with a positive growth mindset.

My plan is to set up a meet in a pub somewhere near Putney... watch this space!

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