What we're about

This is a place for people to express their interests and needs a in a potential hardware coworking space in Williamsburg.

Vision so far:

A place with 3d printers, CNC mills, and circuit board printers. A place with people interested in learning and creating amazing products and programs together (robotics clubs, etc.). A place that brings people of multiples disciplines together to truly make cool things.

From my knowledge there are 3 hardware coworking spaces in the nyc area: Fat Cat Fab Lab, Hack Manhattan, and NYC Resistor. Monthly membership for these spots are approximately $110 / mo base.

The current musing is to have a space that costs more, but has WeWork style benefits - Mailbox, cleaners, etc. To provide a welcoming, clean hardware coworking space people can feel comfortable to hack and enjoy the space

I'm just one person who made this facebook group to see what kind of interest might be out there to accomplish such tasks.

What would you want in such a coworking space? Would you be interested in a hardware coworking space in Williamsburg? Please comment below about your thoughts.

This is stored in this google doc. Please comment and thoughts here too if you'd like.

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