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As at May 2021 we are not running centre meetings, but expect to have some outdoor meet-ups over the summer, usually on a Saturday.


Willow Anxiety Support Group (Exeter)
A peer support group for the chronically anxious. Our main meeting is usually held once a month on a Saturday lunchtime in a community centre in central Exeter.

Chronically anxious people are people who are anxious a lot of the time, or else can easily be made very anxious by things that happen to them. Some suffer from social anxiety and find it difficult to relax in the presence of other people who they think may be judging them with a critical eye. Some suffer from so-called general anxiety and may have a persistent sense that something bad is just about to happen, without knowing quite what this will be. Some people may get obsessive about something they feel they need to do to be safe. Some may be prone to panic attacks when a situation in life gets out of control. Some chronically anxious people are also prone to suffering from depression, as it seems life has closed in on them.

While some chronically anxious people manage to pursue a job and family and social life successfully, others may find it difficult to work or to find suitable work, and they may find it more difficult than most to meet other people and make friends.

A peer support group is simply a group of people who share similar problems who meet up regularly. As everybody is in the same boat it can feel easier to relax and make friends in a support group than it would in other situations.

Our group is an independent group with no ties to any professional service, and we welcome you to come to one of our meetings to see if it is something that might benefit you. Our main meeting is normally about once a month. Please note that we charge a small fee to help cover the cost of hiring the room at the centre.

This Meetup group is the way to hear about and join our events, but we also have a website: Willow Group Website (http://willow.sidwella.uk)

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