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"Learn How to Use Astrology to Discover Your Life Purpose, Balance Your Past Life Karma, and Understand Your Relationships so You Can Create a Life You Love!"


Hello Ladies,
This group was created specifically for women who are interested in accelerating their personal and spiritual growth by using powerful spiritual empowerment tools of Astrology The original group leader resigned some time ago and I took it over.

My name is Sasha Marks and I am an astrologer living in Orange, CA. I will be setting up and offering Beginner-Intermediate class on Astrology soon. Date to be announced.

Did you know that your personal Astrological Birth Chart is a snapshot picture taken of the planets in the sky at the exact moment of your birth?
And by understanding the information located in your Astrological chart, you can expect to receive a major up-leveling in your consciousness and start to have an expanded awareness in the areas of your personal and spiritual development, money and personal relationships.

This level of self-understanding leads to greater self-confidence, inner peace and the knowledge that you are on your right path and flowing with your own divine timing.
This will be a fun, relaxed and friendly group and I look forward to connecting with you.
Sasha Marks

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