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Building your .NET services using gRPC

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Building your .NET services using gRPC


You have (or maybe you have not) heard of gRPC and curious to find out why choose it over well-established REST API style to build your .NET services. This talk will introduce you to gRPC and how it can be used in place of REST APIs or side by side with existing REST APIs.

We will look at defining message contracts and building gRPC .NET service. We will then define a client and show how Client/Server talk to each other in gRPC.

We will then discuss advantages of using gRPC. How or why, it can be your next way for building modern services

Presenter: Alex Ryazhnov

Alex is a Principal Architect for ILM with 12 years of experience in .NET. He is a problem-solver and enjoys having his skills utilized in a professional setting. Alex is committed to using Best Practices in development and stays on top of technology trends. In his free time he likes spending time with his family and playing soccer.

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Wisconsin .Net User Group
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