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Microsoft //Build - Behind the .NET demo app. (Online)

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Jason Von R.
Microsoft //Build - Behind the .NET demo app. (Online)


Microsoft //Build - Behind the .NET demo app.

Are you curious about how the .NET demo app for Microsoft //Build was created? Do you want to learn more about the Azure.AI.OpenAI .NET SDK and how it can be used with Blazor and ASP.NET Minimal APIs? Join me for a behind the scenes look at the app dev experience of building an app that was featured in the keynote of //Build. I will share how I used OpenAI and Microsoft's semantic kernel to enable compelling use cases for developers and users. You will also see how I leveraged the latest features of .NET 7 and C# 11 to create a simple and elegant frontend for the app. This talk is for anyone who is interested in .NET, AI, or Blazor development. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a seasoned speaker who has presented at the WI. NET User Group eight times since 2017!

Presenter: David Pine

David Pine works in Developer Relations at Microsoft, focusing on .NET and Azure developer content. He is recognized as a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, and is a Twilio Champion. David focuses on the developer community, actively seeking opportunities to share knowledge through public speaking engagements around the world. David advocates for open-source, the .NET Foundation, C#, TypeScript, SignalR, Reactive Extensions, Azure, Blazor, and .NET. He's a founding member and co-host of the On .NET Live live stream, part of the .NET Live TV family of streaming shows. David is the author of "Learning Blazor: Build Single-Page Apps with WebAssembly and C#" (O'Reilly Media). Follow David on Twitter at @davidpine7 or visit his website

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