What we're about

The mission of this meetup group is to change Hungary and the wider world we live in. We want to have more women working in technology because we know that diversity is an important factor in team effectiveness (http://ecorner.stanford.edu/authorMaterialInfo.html?mid=3232) and currently it’s more difficult than it should be as a woman working in this field. We need a strong community with role models. This meetup should be a forum where women can socialize, network, connect, and just simply have fun.

This meetup will be as good as we all make it. The idea behind the group is to gather together those who have a passion for inspiring and enabling women to achieve success in technology. Please bring some topics that might inspire others and encourage your girlfriends to build the community, because being into tech shouldn’t be about gender.


Is this meetup about tech or women or both?

It’s primarily about tech for women. It’s up to the community what presentations are successful, if we get feedback, we will follow what the majority likes.

Our vision is that we create a meetup group where everyone can learn something new about technology that’s useful for them and as a side effect we can build a strong community of women.

How long should the presentations be?

It depends. We want to learn from presentations, so very short presentations might not be the best. We’ve seen that at other meetups 20-30 minutes presentation with 5-10 minutes of questions usually work best.

Can men attend the meetup?

Of course! We want to be inclusive. If men come alone, we may ask them to bring a woman with them. :)

Code of Conduct

We Stand for a Welcoming Community

At our meetups we encourage respectful smart conversations that help improvement and inspire innovation. Sexism, racism, and generally being an asshole is not appreciated. If you do so, be prepared to be challenged by meetup members, who will probably ask what's wrong with you.

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