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Welcome to the Albuquerque Witches Meetup! This is a sacred and safe space where witchkin are free to share knowledge on a variety of topics such as: Witchcraft, Wicca, Goddess, the Priestess Tradition of Avalon, the Bene Gesserit sisterhood, Dianic Feminist Wicca, Sorcery, Enchantment, Coven, Circle and Grove, Gnosis, Runes, Tarot and other forms of Divination, Shamanism, Folk Magick, the Faery Folk, Dragons, Elves, Goblins, Trolls, Witchkin and Otherkin, paganism, Jedi mind tricks, palm reading, ouija, other gypsy arts, portals to other realities, the intentional movement of the assemblage point and all things magickal, plus the holy grail though we weren't actively looking for it! Add in Cistercians and Templars as we believe in protecting what is good in ourselves and the good that is around us. We celebrate the wheel of the year but mostly Our Lady Luna and are connected to the NM White Oak Sidhe.
It is asked that all paths with heart be respected.

Statement of purpose:

We are dedicated to the proposition that no witch needs an intermediary with Spirit, that each witch should become her own priest or priestess, that we should all try to be kind to one another and to make it possible for the gentle witchkin in the Albuquerque area to actually meetup safely, in person, for talk or ritual, not just online. A certain amount of risk and therefore danger seems necessary if one is adventuring properly.

We take into account that not everyone is rich, that some have no wheels and therefore can't travel far and some of us have mobility problems and so cannot get too deep into the desert, hills or forest. We intend to accomplish all of this in a spirit of tribal friendship using kindness and compassion and always returning loyalty for loyalty given. "An ye harm none, do what thou wilt."
So Mote It Be

This is still a FREE networking site. Be Safe and Be Blessed! Donations accepted.

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