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CONVOCATION CALL TO DSM & CENTRAL IA WITCHY WOMEN BY WRITER & RECORDING ARTIST LADY ISADORA, aka "DIZZY AURA"/"DIZ": My spellbinding sisters, I firmly believe that every one of you is a priestess in her own right, be you novice, old hand, or somewhere in between. Every participant will be considered both faculty and student in the hallowed halls of *our* Academe! (Not a typo? "Academe" is the poetic form of Ancient Greek "akademeia", originally a philosophers' grove near Athens.) No one will be required to teach officially, but all will be entitled to do so, if desired. "Bluestockings" were originally bookish, scholarly, scribbling dames with perpetually ink-stained hose. We might be a bit more like broomstick-wielding Pippi Longstockings gone wild at Miss Cackle's Academy for Wayward Witches. No boredom. No regimentation. No arduous rote memorization of Witchiplication tables. We will brainstorm, bewitch, share individual & collective expertise, perform inspiring rituals, hobnob, hurraya, sing, dance, laugh, cry, play, & explore in sisterhood together what it means to be diva devotees of the Goddess. Doing my part, as ever, to help Witches take over the world!!!

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Bluestocking & Broomstick Priestess Academy Winter Witchfest

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