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What we’re about

Meetup is a platform we use to showcase upcoming events but all of the community building & resource sharing happens through other avenues. If you want to be kept in the loop CLICK HERE now.


Are you a woman with BIG DREAMS and an EVEN BIGGER HEART for service?

Are you HIGHLY AMBITIOUS, striving to do/ be more?

Are you on a inner journey of HEALING, GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT?

If so, join us!

This group is an opportunity for highly ambitious women to connect and receive support as they work towards creating and sustaining a life of AUTHENTICITY, CREATIVITY & CONNECTION. Together we will work to build:

  • Resilience needed to sustain your work in the world
  • Clarity to usher in the next phase of your life
  • Courage to make the BOLD moves necessary for any type of transformation
  • Self-Love to heal and root in a deep sense of joy and fulfillment along the journey
  • Accountability to ensure success

Now more than ever, women are posed to lead lives of IMPACT, built on feminine values of authenticity, connection, creativity and trust. Yet, if we are to become our TRUEST and HIGHEST versions of selves, we cannot do it alone.

Join us in creating a community full of authentic relationships of depth that nourish, encourage, inspire, challenge and grow one another to BE WHO WE ARE CALLED TO BE!

Click here to share your needs and give input on what support you'd like to receive from us.

Please note that Meetup will be a platform we use to showcase upcoming events but all of the community building and resource sharing will happen on other avenues, which is why its vital you click one of the two links above to ensure you're kept in the loop.