What we're about

Women Who Flow is a Meetup group for hearted-centered women who are dedicated to radiating light in the world.  We offer engaging events designed to facilitate shifting our nervous systems into a state of connection, learning-in-community, and celebrating each others’ unique gifts and journeys.

Core values expressed in this group are about:

Beauty - This value is applied to event spaces and experiences in order to create a sense of safety that allows participants to relax in their bodies so they can turn on their curiosity and connect to their inner wisdom and see the choices available to them. 
Integrity - Members and featured presenters/hosts will model this value by tuning into their inner wisdom for what they need to take care of themselves so that they can build a trusting relationship with themselves and with those who come into their presence. 
Alignment - Hosts, event spaces and experiences will provide participants with opportunities to reveal and affirm who they really are, and celebrate their interests, gifts and talents.
Empowerment - Hosts, event spaces and experiences will provide participants with opportunities to set their intentions and attune to their own experiences so they can connect with their inner wisdom and express what they need and want.  
Connection - Hosts, event spaces and experiences will provide participants with opportunities to strengthen connections to self (body, spirit, mind, heart), others, and to the earth.  Learning experiences are designed to support them in building resilience, revealing their brilliance, directing their experiences toward more ease and joy, and expressing their radiance.

How to Participate 
As a Women Who Flow member you are invited to attend any of the following events:

  1. “Land Listening Walks & Hikes” - Have you ever tried to solve a problem/make a decision, then walked outside to clear your head and the solution/course of action became clear?  That’s sort of what it’s like to attend a Land Listening Walk/Hike with Kelly C. Mullen. Whether you come to the trailhead stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed, Kelly partners with Nature to offer a series of invitations for participants to connect with the earth, self, and each other so they can shift into peace and curiosity to receive an inspiring, or helpful message from their inner wisdom.  These events are offered free to those in Boulder County, CO USA, but contact Kelly if you'd like to learn how to facilitate your own Land Listening Walks & Hikes in your area.
  2. “Write to Connect” (via Zoom) - What if you could start your week with that easy, peaceful feeling? What steps might you take from that feeling state? It’s not uncommon for heart-centered women to find themselves focused on others’ needs and expectations, but this can lead to a conflict between those expectations and following their own heart’s desire—which can then show up as tension, overwhelm, anxiety, and exhaustion. So what if you could start off the week by connecting to your mind, body, emotions and soul? How might spending more time with your authentic self help you to make a difference for those around you, and beyond?  Please join Kelly C. Mullen for an opportunity to tap into a state of flow through meditation, creative exercises, and writing, so you can set an intention for how you want things to go.
  3. “Women Who Flow Circle” - This is an 8-week paid membership offered to 8-10 women in Boulder County, CO USA designed to offer and practice the empowering tools of Tension Release Exercises (TRE) and Shamanic Journeying within a community of heart-centered women who support your intentions.  Note: Membership can be renewed as often as you like, and as events continue. Stay tuned for more details!

I look forward to connecting with you at the next event!

Kelly C. Mullen
Founder of Women Who Flow
Owner at Whole-Self Wisdom (www.kellycmullen.com)

To learn more about Kelly C. Mullen, visit her website www.kellycmullen.com where you’ll also be able to sign-up for her newsletter/e-mail list and receive a free “Overwhelm Relief” meditation.

You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram using the handle @kellycmullen, and via the Facebook Group she hosts at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/empathjourney

They want to sort it out
Learning is their forte
They have something to say
They will not quell their desire burning
All subsequent tides are turning
in order to be in the flow

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