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We are a thriving group of women entrepreneurs committed to cultivating authentic relationships while providing ongoing mutual support and resources for growing our businesses.

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WESOS Woodridge Presents: How to Build a Strong Energetic Foundation

Hi Everyone!

We have a fabulous speaker for the October meeting and I hope to see you there.

***Please note: We have changed the time of this meeting by half an hour. The meetings now begins at 9:30am.***

This month we will be hearing from our featured speaker: Jan Hamning on How to Build a Strong Energetic Foundation.

Did you know that you have 9 primary energy systems that help you function from day to day? When they are all working together, we can be living a healthy and vibrant life. Engineers know that when a structure is built, the foundation is of utmost importance. The same goes for our energy systems. Developing a strong foundation energetically can enhance our daily life. We can move through the day with focus, improved mental clarity, managing stressful moments become effortless and you will notice over time that you are living your life more in the flow than ever before.

Join us to learn what you can do on a daily basis in order to build and maintain that strong energetic foundation. Why not take those few minutes a day to create harmony and balance in your life?

Jan Hamning has been practicing massage therapy since 1993. Over the years she realized there was so much more to what was happening in the physical body than just tight muscles. Jan began researching other connections to the body’s reaction to stress, environmental toxins, emotions, beliefs and so much more. Today she incorporates her training in EFT, Eden Energy Medicine, and/or Feng Shui into her client sessions in order to bring harmony and balance to the client’s body, mind, and environment so that they can experience and live the best life possible.

Jan has a studio in downtown Downers Grove and schedules remote sessions. Find out more at www.janhamning.com

Sponsors for this meeting: Our speaker Jan Hamning, Debbi Weston with Afternoon Apricot and Karen McClure with Modere and VOxxLife (more on our sponsors soon)

Women Entrepreneurs Secrets of Success meetings are a safe place for all women who are currently business owners or those getting ready to make that leap. This meeting is a chance to network with like-minded women who will not judge but jump at the chance to help and support you grow your business through collaboration and resources. I would love for you to invite 1 guest to this meeting that would benefit from being involved with WESOS!

Join us to grow your personal and professional skills, network, and grow authentic relationships. Simply RSVP to this event here AND then click the following link to go and purchase your Guest Pass if you are not yet a paid WESOS member. When you decide on a WESOS Membership Level, the price of your guest pass will be credited to your account. https://www.wesosnetwork.com/request-your-meeting-passes/

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