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What we’re about

While we love our men and our guy friends, experiencing the outdoors with a group of women is a different game.

When it comes to the outdoors, we believe in equity, not necessarily equality. (Don't understand what we mean by that statement? Come check us out and you'll discover the true meaning!)

We believe in physical strength, but also the inner strength of great women.

We believe in a caring and nurturing community, where all women are free to be themselves - safe to admit their weaknesses, safe to take on new challenges, and safe to explore the boundaries of life without men.

We believe in fostering the independent, strong woman inside of every one of us.

We believe in having a damn good time whether it's "roughing it" in a fabulous mountain house and hitting up the spa, or car camping and checking out the local hot springs, or 10-days in the backcountry without a shower.

Come on, go wild with us!

(Especially if you are indeed a woman between the ages of 21 and 99.)

Join our Facebook group: Ecstatic Living By Design 
This group bridges the gap between events and allows us to connect and deepen our relationships even when we are not together.  The group also connects individuals from various Meetup groups the organizer runs - a larger community of like-minded individuals in various states and geographical regions!