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We are women++, a group of people who has come together to enable women and other minorities to play a relevant role in the future of technology and science.

We focus on women and on providing them with tools, knowledge, experience in a safe environment to learn, explore, ask questions, network and grow.

We focus on women, but nevertheless welcome anyone who shares our interests and values, no matter their gender and background.

Our workshops and events are:

+ Free of charge or with a small registration fee, because we want to make them available to anyone

+ Open to all levels, because we believe that where there’s passion, there are no limits

+ Are diverse and provide insight into the different stages and disciplines of tech

Our members are:

+ Interested in tech + self-development

+ Ambitious and enthusiastic

Upcoming events (1)

Hack'n'Lead 2019: Switzerland's women-friendly hackathon

*Switzerland's women-friendly hackathon* For one weekend, women and men come together to learn, collaborate be inspired and become part of a growing tech community while building real products & services in the process. Applications are now open at: https://forms.gle/wjSNXqwhcfNMPMfn6 WHAT WE OFFER: Prep Events ======= Never been to a hackathon? Or maybe you have been to one, but would love to learn more about how you can prepare for Hack'n'Lead? This will be perfect for you! Throughout 2019 Women++ will be holding workshops and posting content so you can prepare and make the most of this experience. Guidance ======== On top of the usual tech talks, sponsors, ambassadors and community partners will provide on-site mentors, who are specialists in their domains. They can guide you and answer career-related or technical questions as you work on your projects. Safe Space ======= Hack'n'Lead is a friendly space for you to explore career options, learn new things, invent novel solutions and meet interesting people. Expect healthy food and activities, which will feed your brain with great ideas. Have fun and build cool prototypes with your team. And we promise: you won't be the only woman in the room!! Childcare ======== Need a baby sitter so you can attend the event? We care about you being a parent and we care about your children. That's why we offer on-site child care. Additionally, every girl and boy at the age of 4+ will be able to attend afternoon coding 4 kids sessions, thanks to our friends at Youth Intelligence Agency https://www.womenplusplus.ch/hacknlead Twitter: @hackandlead More updates follow soon! • What to bring Bring your own laptop and charger; comfy pants and yoga mats are also a good idea. Please only consider yourself registered if you received an email explicitly saying so! • DISCLAIMER: Pictures help us tell our story and secure funding for future events. By attending this event, you consent to be photographed, filmed and/or otherwise recorded. Your entry constitutes your consent to any use of such photography, filming and/or recording in connection with the undertakings of women++.

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