What we're about

We are women++, a group of motivated people who have come together to enable more diversity in the tech space.

We focus on women and on providing them with tools, knowledge, experience in a safe environment to learn, explore, ask questions, network and grow.

We welcome anyone who shares our interests and values, no matter their gender and background. We create events to learn together in an open and inclusive environment. We have fun learning new skills!

Our workshops and events are:

+ Free of charge or with a small registration fee, because we want to make them available to anyone

+ Open to all levels, because we believe that where there’s passion, there are no limits

+ Are diverse and provide insight into the different stages and disciplines of tech

Our members are:

+ Interested in tech + self-development

+ Ambitious and enthusiastic

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Assertiveness skills | Webinar by women++

Online event

To participate, make sure to register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/assertiveness-skills-webinar-by-women-registration-130225787837 Description Assertiveness is a social skill that relies heavily on effective communication, while simultaneously respecting the thoughts & wishes of others. Those who are assertive are able to articulate their wants, needs, positions, and boundaries to others without feeling guilty. While many of us aim to be assertive, we may find ourselves being either overly passive or aggressive. Fear and wanting to please others keeps us stuck from asking for what we want or need. A lack of assertiveness can impact career satisfaction, performance, progress and success in life. The aim of this workshop is to guide attendees to understand: - what impacts their own assertiveness, - how to become comfortable with expressing their needs and wants, - how to set boundaries effectively, - how to become comfortable with saying NO. Key learning points: - Understand what assertiveness is and how this differs from passiveness, aggression and passive-aggression, - Asking for what you want without feeling guilty, - How to say NO to take back control and set healthy boundaries, - Recognise what an assertive version of you would look and feel like, - Understand what gets in the way of you being assertive, - Explore options to help you build and top up your assertiveness, - Take away some practical actions to help you going forward. About Carolyn Still Carolyn Still is a transformational coach and mentor, and the founder of You, Only better. She is an advocate for driving greater inclusion and diversity in tech and passionate about seeing women succeeding and thriving in and outside work. Carolyn is a strong believer that being technically savvy is not enough to get us recognised and promoted within the workplace. She specialises in providing women in tech with the tools, skills and strategies that help prevent them from making unconscious mistakes that sabotage their careers. She works with women in areas around mindset, confidence, assertiveness, and combating imposter syndrome. Carolyn’s mission is to see more women enter and stay within tech, and go on to become the next C level executives. On top of working as a transformational coach, Carolyn holds an MBA from Warwick University. She also works full time as a client-facing Project Management Consultant, a role that involves delivering auto finance software to major car manufacturers. Her tech career spans over 15 years and has seen her working a number of roles within data management. Carolyn is well versed with the challenges and pressures faced by women of colour in tech. Carolyn is Kenyan born and raised, she calls the UK her second home. What you need - Confirmation from Eventbrite. We support diversity in tech and are happy to see women as well as men at our events!

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How to reshape tech through diversity

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