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There is a constant debate about women safety in India. Whether it is Nirbhaya’s case or thousands of women suffered before and after her brutal murder. Sexual crimes are personal attack on women’s minds and bodies, instilling fear and violating a woman’s right to bodily integrity, education, and freedom of movement.

According to a survey, women are nine times more likely than are men to leave their jobs as a result of sexual crimes.

All of us have Pre and Post Roles to play to ensure women safety; be it law, police, society, family and organizations. A collective effort can make our world a better place to live-in.

What is Shaktipunj

Shaktipunj (शक्तिपुंज) is a program to empower women with the art of self defense to protect their life, honour and self esteem. All women can learn it and they should, because even basic training can be of great help at the time of attack.

Why become a Shaktipunj

Sexual crimes frequently occur on the street, in the workplace, in educational institutions and on public and private transportation. Women have to take charge of their own safety.

According to National Crime Records Bureau 2013 report, everyday approx. 1000 women in India suffer from sexual crimes in one form or the other, be it eve teasing, domestic violence, sexual harassment, kidnapping, molestation or rape.

How to become a Shaktipunj

Take initiative to learn the art of Self-Defense (Street Fight) to protect first yourself and your family and then may be your friends, neighbors and colleagues.

Remember, when we are attacked, only our weaknesses defeat us BUT ‘Self Defense’ prepares us to attack on the weaknesses of criminals to defeat them.

Myths & Facts

Myth: We are weak hence can’t fight criminals.

Fact: Your bones are equally strong and powerful.

Myth: We can’t learn self defense.

Fact: Every woman can learn it easily.

Myth: Our bodies will become muscular.

Fact: It doesn’t show outside but can save your life.

Myth: We have to invest a lot of time.

Fact: Few hours per week for life saving skills, power and fitness.

Each Session Duration: 2 Hours

Training Availability: All Days in a Week

Key features:

Ø Importance of Self Defense

Ø Introduce Participants to their Hidden Physical Strength

Ø Understanding of Criminal Mindset

Ø Precautionary measures in day to day life

Ø How to Respond and not React in odd situations (Mental Grooming)

Ø What to do in wrong situations

Ø Demonstration of Street Fight Techniques in Real Life Scenarios

Ø How to deal with Sexual Harassment

For any further details and clarifications, please feel free to contact us on +91-981 172 3546

We are looking forward to work with you.

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Meet Your Trainer

Rajesh has 22 years of vast experience in management, IT, finance and training domains. He is a Life Coach, motivational speaker, career guide and mentor to youngsters.

He has serious concerns about safety of women in India hence he learned mixed martial arts with focus on street-fighting techniques. He created Shaktipunj group to empower women with the art of self defense to protect their life, honour and self esteem.

He is an entrepreneur and founder of training organization Streamlinez and financial venture InvestMantra, certified by FPSB India, affiliated to FPSB Denver USA as Certified Financial Planner and before that he graduated as an Engineer from Pune University and holds an MBA from Delhi.

He practices spiritualism and loves to write inspirational quotations, anecdotes, poetry and Ghazals.

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