Maya Wisdom for Womb Healing


Mayan wisdom is not just about 2012 but it’s the understanding that the health of society lies within the health of the woman. Mayan wisdom is connection. The fruit of their knowledge lies in the center of woman, for within her is the center of the universe, the womb, the matrix of
life, blood, and body she is the holder and the creatrix. The health of the woman is the health of the tribe, for all her fruit is blessed. Sisters join us for an exploratory workshop to discover a way for more Feminine Health, Vitality, and Strength.

*Discover a new way to heal yourself from past traumas, abuse, reproductive disorders, surgeries, hysterectomies, diseases, painful and irregular periods.
*Learn how to connect with your deep physical intuition, release old wounding, and old patterns.
*Come learn to listen to who you are.

Through breath work, meditation, and personal journaling come discover all the inherent wisdom that lies within you.


RSVP for all events is preferred 24 hours in advance. RSVP may be made in person, on the phone by calling[masked], or on our website Classes and meditations start promptly and cannot be disturbed for latecomers once they are in session. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early in order to check in.

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