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Wonderfest’s Mission is to inspire and nurture a deep sense of wonder about the world. Through science education programs, Wonderfest stimulates curiosity, promotes careful reasoning, challenges unexamined beliefs, and encourages life-long learning. Wonderfest, the San Francisco Bay Area Beacon of Science, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.





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Ask a Science Envoy: Black Holes and Making Memories

Wonderfest Science Envoys are early-career researchers with special communication skills and aspirations. Following short talks on provocative modern science topics, these two Science Envoys will answer questions with insight and enthusiasm: • UC Berkeley astronomer Fatima Abdurrahman debunks sci-fi movie tropes and explains exactly what a black hole is, why they're so hard to find, and how we can circumvent that difficulty to find them. • Stanford neuroscientist Tyler Bonnen explores how an experience becomes a memory. He'll provide a sketch of information processing in the brain — from perceptual encoding to conscious recollection.

California and The BIG ONE: Fact vs. Fiction

Alameda Free Library

Scientists know with certainty that California will experience large earthquakes in the future. Earthquakes are often depicted in the media and popular culture, but which aspects of these depictions are factual, and which are fictitious? We cannot yet predict earthquakes, so what can we do? How can we prepare? Speaker William Hawley is a geophysicist with UC Berkeley's Earth & Planetary Science Department. He is also a Wonderfest Science Envoy. Please get full event info here: .

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Exoplanets: The How, What, & Why of Planets Around Other Stars

Cushing Memorial Amphitheater

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