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Women Owned Networking National 100 (WONN), founded in June 2011 by members of an NFL family, is a business organization and social club "with heart" established for the purpose of bringing together 100 accomplished women executives and business owners. Now, other NFL wives have gotten involved to ensure the success of women executives across the country through WONN (Women Owned Networking National), and WONMillion!

We are bringing together 100 Smart, Successful, Business Savvy Women with HEARTS to ensure the success of our sisters & friends. We plant seeds into the businesses and lives of our fellow WONN sisters and form truly meaningful friendships.

We are inviting solid women business owners and executives in San Francisco to form our new chapter. Our members address business concerns in a non-competitive and confidential roundtable format and function as an informal board of directors for our businesses.

Our members are very active, and your WONN Sisters & Friends are here to ensure the success of both you and your business!

Women Business Owners, Corporate Executives, Business Managers, Consultants... Are you looking for a way to grow your business and a group of likeminded women in business to make meaningful connections with? Then get to know your WON sisters and friends and let us grow your business for you!

WONN (Women Owned Networking National) was created to empower the businesswoman who is already successful and simply wants to grow her business and the businesses of her sisters in a supportive, dynamic environment. This group is about making instant connections with other women business owners, corporate executives and managers with successful careers, families, and many other considerations, who have decided to promote one another—personally, professionally, and enthusiastically through building life relationships and sharing our life’s passions...(and yes, men are welcome, too).

Check out our: Women Owned Networking Member Business Directory Listing (http://www.meetup.com/Women-Owned-Networking-San-Francisco-Bay-Area/about/)

Everyone spends an ample amount of time trying to build her/their businesses. So, please note that our goal is not to help YOU build your business; however, it is for YOU to help build the businesses of all of the other WON San Francisco (Bay Area) Chapter Members, and you are to let US (your sisters & your friends) build YOUR business in exchange! Just imagine if all of your talent, energy, and efforts went to inspiring and prospering your sisters and friends and ours went to supporting and prospering YOU, your business, and aspirations.

Top 13 Reasons To Join WONN For Lunch:

I) To ensure that there is no direct competition amongst members, membership in this group is category-specific and exclusive. (For this reason, once a member category is already filled, we will regrettably inform you of this, but will certainly keep your information on hand in case your membership category should ever become available again!)

II) Bi-Weekly Luncheons (every 2nd & 4th Tuesdays)

III) Member-Only Infomercials—Every Member stands and presents a 60-second Infomercial on her business.

III) Member Business Spotlight Luncheon - "Tell Us About Your Biz" Series"; (Share your promotional materials and receive constructive sisterly feedback, advice, and direct leads. Let your sisters and friends do OUR part to help YOU grow!)

IV) NFL Executives—To provide you with valuable insight, experiences, and to share business strategies with

V) City Government Officials—To provide detailed information about all avenues available to local business owners of WON-San Francisco (Bay Area) Chapter

VI) “Mommy & Me” luncheons

VII) Giving back—Let’s decide as a group which nonprofit(s) to support…we can continue to help others, reaching outside of ourselves

VIII) Evening Socials (Let’s have some fun!)

IX) Holiday (Expos, Member Exhibits, Fashion Shows, Toy Drives)

X) Members Supporting Members with Member Discounts

XI) Exclusive Member discounts on goods and services available from a growing lists of vendors supplied to WON- San Francisco (East Bay) Chapter Members!

XII) You surround yourself with sisters and friends who are smarter, more successful, and wealthier than you, so they can pull you closer to success together and jump start your business immediately.

XIII) Most of all…You will grow…Personally, Professionally, Spiritually, and Emotionally! That is the key for you, for your family, and for your business!

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