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WordPress Meetup Amsterdam - ChatGPT & WordPress

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Jaap W. and Stephanie S.
WordPress Meetup Amsterdam - ChatGPT & WordPress


We think ChatGPT will be a major change in the way we work. But what will that mean for WordPress and the community. How can we use ChatGPT and AI? What does it mean for content creation, SEO, design, UX, development? What is authentic and what is system-generated nonsense, and how do you determine that?

During this extra Meetup we will host a panel discussion on ChatGPT and WordPress. So far Joost de Valk and Paul van Buuren have joined the panel.

We hope to discover more ideas and directions, not only from panelists, but also from the audience. We do not expect concrete answers, but above all we want to increase curiosity and knowledge in the community. The evening starts with a short introduction to ChatGPT. The discussion will be in English and will last approximately one hour.

WordPress Meetup Amsterdam
WordPress Meetup Amsterdam
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Timorplein 21 · Amsterdam, NH