Cambridge wordpress: Communicate memorable information 7:15 for 7:30


We have Julia Wix presenting how to communicate information that visitors remember.

Julia has several years' experience as a trainer, creating and delivers memorable training courses for international learners. She now works as part of Cambridge Network's Learning Collaboration supporting the Cambridge business community with their diverse training needs.

It is all very well producing beautifully written copy, but what's really wanted is being remembered. What's the point if visitors leave the website, and forget everything.

Julia will offer a few examples, ideas and techniques. It would be great if everyone else would like to share what they've read and remembered, and what makes something memorable.

7:30 Brief introductions: everyone introduces themselves: 20 seconds max.

• 4 * 3 minute max presentations: open to anyone who would like to share a solution, request help, or whatever.

• Main presentation.

• Discussion.

• Topic for December meeting.

• Beer.