WordPress meetup: Graphic design Mario Prelorenzo JDJ Creative


Rescheduled from March

Delighted to announce that Mario Prelorenzo managing director at JDJ Creative (http://jdjcreative.co.uk/)will be speaking. JDJ have worked with Heinz, Wetherspoons, Oprah Winfrey magazine, Warner Bros & Microsoft.

Mario will be speaking around colour: what colours mean both from a design viewpoint and culturally. Mario has a wealth of experience working with big and small brands around the world as well as a deep interest in art, design, and culture, so this promises to be a fascinating discussion.

Remember we have a group website: https://wpcbg.uk/ Thanks Steve

The format:

19:30 start: Everyone introduces themselves: 20 seconds max, mainly describing their involvement with WordPress.

2. Up to 4 * 3 minute pitches. Share: news, discoveries, useful tips.

3. Main presentation

4. Clinic: Bring along a problem, and the audience will offer advice. If we can't, maybe we'll have a solution by next meeting.

5. Beer & networking